October 21, 2018
Gergi Tavan Sistemlerinde 1. Sınıf Ürün ve Profesyonel hizmetler. Barisol Tavan ile Germe tavan

Stretch Ceiling

Bamax strech ceiling is permitting you to decorate your place with beautiful and chic designs by using digital strech ceiling systems, Bamax stretch ceiling with its technical specialities is providing you with high quality lighting system and decoratif alternatifs. The strech ceiling system profiles can be used for walls and other purposes. it can be used in so many different areas and places. Strech ceiling are a high quality products and very economic in the same time. It is long lasting and anti-bactarian. They are not getting dirty and protected against any foreign affects. The face of the strech ceiling is not changing with time.


You can choose any pictures from the strech ceiling pictures below and see how does it look.

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Stretch ceiling

Digital printed strech ceiling can be printed in a high quality by using UV technology, The UV printing is long lasting and the painting is not changing ever. It is giving to the place a lively view without being affected with bacterias. The last years it's been used in closed area as it is adding a very comfortable atmosphere to the places. On the other hand it is permitting you to print any picture and giving a special view for your place.
HD strech ceiling system is the UV printed in HD quality strech ceiling. It is used in many commercial centers, offices and even in homes. It is permitting you to use pictures that mean something for you and get it everywhere in your place. In your salon, your bed room or on the wall of your place stretch ceiling system is giving you a special view , moreover you can use personal pictures for it. 
Lighting stretch ceiling is about using LED lighting source behind the strech ceiling. it is providing you with clear and homogen lighting. It is with the option on/off also any lighting colour can be used. With the fact that it is a lighting source it is also taking a part in the design of the place. It can be used in different dimensions. 
Lacquered strech ceiling is providing you with good lighting and beatiful design, especialy is the big spaces where it is giving a wonderful view. Itis focusing light in special points and the normal light can be used with it. It is anti-bacterian and not getting affected. It is used mostly in closed pools, SPA...It is highly recommended for such kind of areas. 
3D strech ceiling system can be used in different forms. When it is used for decoratif purposes in different forms like 3d form, it is called 3D strech ceiling. Being 3D is giving it another beauty dimension and make it possible to use wherever and however you want. Giving it different form and fixing it in different ways making from your place a special one with special caracteristics.  
Acoustic strech ceiling is very sophisticated engeneering work. By leting smal holes that are providing sound. It can provide you with 10% of conditionning, it is neglecting about 90% of the sound. it is controlling the sound in the place and the weather in a very good way. 
Strech ceiling profiles are designed in a particular way with AR-GE. They are lasting for long years without any change or modification. They aredifferent following the place and the decor they will be used for. With this profiles you are getting some supporting items. All kinds of these profiles are available. All our profile are produced with the european standards and certified CE with restored materials. They guaranted for 15 years. 

Strech ceiling fabrics are long lasting and  produced on european standards.

Our strech ceiling fabrics are guaranted for 15 years.  They are rich in term of colour and different in term of design. The quality of our products permits us to be among the leaders in this sector with a big network of partners and clients. Bamax strech ceiling is producing the strech ceiling fabrics and all its equioments. All the items are produced as first class product. Their quality is  certified with CE belgeli ve ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 , ÇEVKO. All the products are 100% naturak and environment-friend and anti-bacterian. They can be used in offices, centers and houses without exception. Strech ceiling at Bamax are long lasting and providing you with many different options in many terms. You can use them in HD printing with UV technique using any picture you want or any view you would prefer.


Strech ceiling is very big and diversified field with many different uses. The first thing to come the mind when strech ceiling is mentioned is commercial center and accessories, that concept is not quiet right, it is necessary today to know more and better about strech ceiling system. It has a psychological side in term of the way it is affecting people who are living in the place where it is found. It can be designed following people emotions, feelings and it is giving ideas about the person who is chosing special design or special colours. It is in an important part of it about you , things you feel, things you like and about your very personality and the environment you want to create around you or around the people who are coming to the places where strech ceiling is used.


Strech ceiling or Barisol ceiling is able to take from where you are to another place without moving. It is not just for your home , you can use it wherever you want , it will affecting your work positively . for example when you use it in the working offices it is providing the worker with a proper environment to keep them happy , motivated and excited about their work. It is also impressing your visitors . Strech ceiling doesnt know any limit, in the malls , sport salons, hotels, closed pools, conference salons, wedding salons… it is giving comfort. It is an advantage and right area to invest in for yourself and your work estetically and in term of architecture and design. it is providing your visitors with different experience. It can be used in your houses, offices, entrtainment areas and many other places. it has no limit whatsoever.