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Application of acoustic stretch ceiling

Dear customers, we mentioned the features of the acoustic ceiling in our article and said that the varieties of acoustic stretch ceiling are abundant. If you choose acoustic stretch ceilings, you will not have any problem about liking. Yes. Let’s learn about the properties of Bamax acoustic stretch ceilings and their properties:

Acoustic stretch ceiling

The acoustic stretch ceiling eliminates noise and noise thanks to the micro holes of the pvc fabric. These special micro-holes absorb sound waves and never leave them back. This provides an excellent acoustics. The most preferred ceiling models of sound and noisy environments. We see a lot of such applications in restaurants and disco bars. These applications do not resonate and provide a perfect noise-free environment. With its acoustic stretch ceiling systems, Bamax tension ceilings provide you with the best products and professional staff and equipments and home and office decorations.

Acoustic stretch ceilings are the most used areas: studio room, offices, cinema hall, acoustic room, meeting room where sound acoustics should be arranged.

Sizes: Desired dimensions can be applied. It can be made completely according to the design of the place. Stretch ceilings can be cut and applied in desired sizes.


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