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Features of stretch ceiling

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What are the properties of the stretch ceiling?

The old ceiling models that we used to apply to our homes are about to be buried in history. Although not every cut, most of them use stretching ceiling products. This new model we offer you stretch ceilings products left behind the old ceiling models according to many features. PVC stretch ceiling systems are durable pvc fabrics which are produced from raw material pvc. By choosing a stretch ceiling, you will have a ceiling with these features.

What are these stretch ceiling features?

  1. The M2 has a weight of 243 grams.
  2. It knows how to assemble and assemble quickly. It’s very practical.
  3. Easy to clean. It does not want to paint, it can be easily erased when it gets dirty.
  4. No maintenance. Even if you don’t paint it for a few years, it always stays fresh.
  5. Antisismic, not affected by tremors.
  6. When the necessary infrastructure is prepared, it easily becomes the desired form.
  7. European B1 is flameproof certified. No flames. Very reliable.
  8. It’s not affected by X-rays. Even though the sun is under the chorus, it is not affected. The color does not change.
  9. It is never affected by water and moisture. It will never be damaged.
  10. Very economical. No loss of time or money.
  11. Every year the money you give to the paint remains in your pocket.

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