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How is the tension ceiling mounted?

How to apply the tension ceiling?

We consider some questions about how to install LED lighting system in stretch ceilings. How to set the ranges, which are used to LED lighting are wonder. Now we will illuminate the answer to all questions. How barisol ceiling systems are applied and how they should be applied. The answer to your business.

  1. First of all, the tension ceiling should be supported with daylight sources according to the specified voltage of the LEDs to be used in lighting model.
  2. When selecting the power supply, make sure that constant voltage is supplied.
  3. The distance between the LEDs must not be more than 5 meters.
  4. In order to avoid light intensity differences at the beginning, middle and end of the LED lines, the main line in parallel connections should be used for a maximum of 100 Walt. If you are passing 100W you need to pull a second line to avoid damage.
  5. When using the power supply, you must ensure that you connect the Plus and Minus ports correctly.
  6. It is useful to unpack it when you use it.
  7. Where the humidity is above 60%, the use and application of LED products is useless.
  8. Do not paint the ceiling absolutely white when using LEDs, otherwise you may experience light.
  9. If you follow all of these rules, you can have a very comfortable, hygienic, harmless, energy-saving stretch ceiling without wasting time and money.

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