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Stretch ceiling application

There are some points to consider when you decide to apply a stretch ceiling to your interior. The most important of these is how you want a design. Apart from this, the physical characteristics of your space with your corporate structure is to make a design. A good interior designer will help you here.

Graphic work in the stretch ceiling application is of particular importance. It is important that the application to be realized with the system in your dreams is similar. In this context, the graphical applicator of the stretch ceiling should be capable and must reflect the visuals correctly.

Stretch ceiling application

The next stage is the mounting of the barrisol ceiling, which is two-stage. The first stage is pressure. The image should be printed on a high quality floor, colors should not be mixed together and the visual on the fabric should be seen alive. the second stage is the mounting part.

Installation of the Barrisol ceiling must be done to the skilled person. This is vital for the successful implementation of the application. The mounting ceiling needs to be error-free in order to reflect your corporate structure and space well. Stretch ceiling with bad practice will grace in space. If the colors are mixed together, the applied surface is fluctuating, the badly placed light will be the result of the application of the tension ceiling as all negative factors.

In order to avoid such bad results, it is absolutely necessary to install the tensioning ceiling in a good way. In all of the processing stages we provide, firstly discovery should be made and an accurate planning and implementation should be carried out.

When the barrisol ceiling is successfully assembled, an atmosphere that accurately reflects the spirit of the space and the corporate image will be created. This will cause you and your customers to enjoy the space.

Already so the stretch ceiling application is emerging as a popular and successful application of the last period. Every day, operators prefer such applications in their places.


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