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Stretch Ceilings at Shopping Centers

The shopping centers where people spent a long time in big cities have always been the preferred reason. It is possible to make people more happy with stretch ceiling application in shopping malls. At the same time, it is easier to increase customer satisfaction and allow them to spend more time and exchange more.

The space created by its visual design and its unique design has always been interesting rather than ordinary shopping malls. Customers from the venue have been easier to find something from them. However, the time spent in the space is higher. The visual design of the space reaches the upper level with the stretch ceiling.

Stretch Ceilings at Shopping Centers aplication

Stretch Ceilings at Shopping Centers application

The application of the Barrisol ceiling system in shopping stores gives more successful results. In this case, the ceiling area of ​​the space is high and the ceiling area where the application will be made allows for the study of the desired images in larger sizes.

Thus, it is better to apply the stretch ceiling. One of the points to be considered here is to choose a design that is compatible with the space. The message to be given to the customers must be clearly selected and transferred to the design. Taken in the form of tethered ceiling systems with periodical visuals can be shown to visitors.

For example, the messages to be sent to the New Year and holidays can be transferred to the barrisol ceiling system with a good visual and the visitors are welcomed both visually and in terms of quality. Due to these superior properties, stretch ceiling systems have been preferred in recent years.

Stretching ceilings are applied in the newly opened shopping shops, reception areas and interior design of the interior stores. It is no longer a coincidence that stretching ceilings have been applied in the majority of shopping centers that customers prefer.


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