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Tension ceiling in interior design

Our Bamax brand, which serves with stretch ceiling systems in interior architecture, is mostly used in ceiling decoration and ceiling lighting. Our stretch ceiling fabrics, which are also used in wall designs and decorations, provide an excellent color harmony. If desired, it offers a more elegant design thanks to the lacquer and glossy surface.

It is preferred and applied by interior designers. There are many textures and colors of our stretch ceilings. Our staff, who have been working in terms of customer satisfaction and satisfaction, have undergone a good training and then make stretch ceiling applications.In these applications, our products have proven their quality and are used on many big brands side. Bamax pvc stretch ceiling systems, which only serve with ceiling and wall decorations, make very good decorations and designs at economical prices in homes and workplaces. Bamax stretch ceilings are designed according to today’s conditions and conditions and are designed according to trend designs.

Pros and Cons of Stretch Ceiling


These products, which are now widely used in home decorations, are also used in workplace and shop decorations. Especially shopping centers are being used more frequently on the ceilings. This product, which is recently recognized in our country, is a high-tech product and produces stretch ceilings according to noisy environments. Especially acoustic fabrics are high-tech products and eliminates sound by means of micro-holes and never echo sound. This product is preferred in more noisy environments.

In general, stretch ceiling systems can be used in almost any environment. It may be the best product in terms of hygiene. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, it is used in hospitals and health centers on ceilings and walls. Thanks to its durability for many years, it is a full year warranty product.

This product is known as barisol ceiling in our country. This is actually something wrong. Barisol is a stretch ceiling brand and is used generically in the Turkish language.



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