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Benefits of stretch ceiling

Tension ceilings are used in large factories and shops, public areas and many other areas as applied in many places and locations. Have you ever looked into the reasons why it is so widely used? If we investigate a little, stretch ceiling systems seem to be advantageous in many aspects. So what are these advantages? Let’s look at why it is an advantageous decoration product.

The stretch ceiling fabrics are very light and do not load into the space to be applied. The first of these advantages
These fabrics have the ability to enter almost any form as desired. So it has a flexible structure.
Thanks to its flexible structure, it can be applied to the desired space and special shapes can be made.
Thanks to its special profiles, the desired results can be achieved. The profiles are specially designed and do not cause any problems.
It can be applied to every area and every floor and can be used even in wall decoration if desired.
It gives a great visual effect in the place where it is applied and it is an indispensable product in decorations.
It will never crack and will not get dirty for a long time. If soiled, it can be cleaned with a wet cotton swab.
With its special structure, it maintains its durability for long years and it is very good for normal ceilings such as paint whitewash.
It can carry approximately 150 kgr of load per square meter. This shows the robustness of the Buddha.
It is easy to assemble and dismantle and can be easily assembled and easily removed.
It can be selected according to the place and the decoration.
Lighting can be done with stretch ceiling systems and excellent results can be obtained.
It has many benefits and has been applied in many places and workplaces. In these applications, the owners of the place and the ones who see each other always look with appreciation. Stretch ceiling systems will be a great choice for those who care about visuality. Especially in decoration and decorative products, it is the first product which can be preferred many times. As a result, it is a necessary material for perfect decoration and lighting and can be used by every sector. We recommend you as Bamax stretch ceiling systems. We’re here if you’re looking for a good brand.


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