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Effect of stretch ceiling on decoration

It is a system that can be applied to many places and the most preferred interior architects are the ceiling ceiling which is used in both lighting and ceiling decorations. Tension ceiling systems; As technology progresses, people’s thoughts and wishes are changing and multiplying and growing inexorably. He wants to see and carry everything that passes through his mind to his place or private living space. Especially in common living areas and private living areas, we see the application of tension ceiling systems in ceiling and wall decoration. Such ceiling and wall decorations show human emotions and thoughts thanks to the developing technology. Wall and wall design reflects the character and dreams of the owner.

Tension ceiling systems are the most preferred and the most applied decoration product in ceiling decoration and have many advantages. Both design and applicability should be preferred. Thanks to its special profiles, it can stand for long years without losing its feature. From this point of view, it is a suitable and economical system according to the other ceiling costs.

It is advantageous in terms of lighting and design and saves 80% electricity. In this way, within approximately 6 months, the cost of electricity to be spent on its own costs. When looking at other ceiling costs, other ceiling systems are more expensive and do not save electricity. This is especially used in almost all areas. It is the product of the ceiling decorations which are used mostly by the interior architects. It offers the convenience and design freedom to interior architects and architects in terms of both lighting and decor. This is one of the biggest advantages of Buddha is preferred.

Imagine a place with everything so beautifully designed to the ceiling, but when the application is very difficult to decorate the ceiling, what should be done here. Right here, stretch ceiling systems are emerging, and this is a difficult task alone. This aims at the architects’ freedom of design and its simple implementation.

Effect of stretch ceiling on decoration

That’s what’s important. It meets the demands of the customers and the expectations of our architects. If the decoration products cannot meet the requirements of the designs, it is not a preferred product. This causes the product not to be used and lost. Certainly decoration products must meet the expectations of customers and the design of the space.

Tension ceiling systems can be applied to any space and can be used in our private spaces in our private living areas. Transparent stretch ceiling can be used by printing with the desired visual UV printing technology thanks to its light transmittance feature. This printing technology is similar to other printing techniques, but it is not the same. Stretch ceiling fabric absorbs paint during printing and dries instantly with UV lights. It will never smell after printing and will not be affected by any external factors. For this, it should be printed only with UV printing technology. Another printing technique is not accepted in the tension ceiling system. Such ceiling systems are also called the Barisol ceiling system.

Stretching ceiling systems with such applications allow you to realize your dreams. It is a ceiling and wall decor product with a very economical price and flexibility and structure to meet your expectations. These ceiling systems are both easier to clean and lasting for many years.

Due to its anti-bacterial structure it does not carry bacteria in it and does not form bacteria. With its anti-static structure it certainly does not hold dust. It does not require paint and whitewash according to other ceiling systems, it is very easy to clean and it is cleaned quickly. No maintenance required. Thanks to its durability for many years, it pays itself very quickly.

Such applications are also known as barisol ceiling in our country. Barisol ceilings are used in many places in both decoration and lighting systems. In these applications, LED technology is generally used as lighting products. It is very long lasting and it is used with electricity saving.

A good brand should be chosen for stretch ceiling applications. Otherwise, there are so many far eastern products on the market that it is not very difficult to distinguish them. But it should still be noted and absolutely first class stretch ceiling products should be used.

You can use Bamax Tensioning Ceiling Systems in house work place decorations and private living spaces designs with peace of mind. Bamax stretch ceilings systems are 1st class products and provide a full 15 years warranty. It is the only company in our country that gives so long guarantee and keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront. With 100% customer satisfaction, the company creates excellent spaces thanks to its expert staff.


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